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The first part of this page provides access to a PDF file, which contains a research paper written for the Masters of Applied Finance and Investment program of the Securities Institute of Australia, July 2004 – as it then was. Whilst received favourably by the SIA (granted first national prize for research project), the paper does not necessarily represent their views, and is solely the work of Martin Earp.

Australian Equities – Tax Issues for Individual Investors (57 pp):

  • Section 1A
    Introduction & Australian equities tax dynamics, incl. imputation system

  • Section 2A
    US comparisons, esp. 2003 changes for dividend income

  • Section 3A
    UK comparisons, EC retreating from imputation

  • Section 1B
    Direct individual ownership and management, addressing “lock-up”

  • Section 2B
    Managed funds, incl. sample of Australian tax efficiency

  • Section 3B
    Listed investment companies, comparisons to unit trusts

  • Section 4B
    Exchange traded funds, appearing to deliver

  • Section 5B
    Separately managed accounts.

    Download Australian Equities - Tax Issues for Individual Investors
    (pdf document 380kb)

  • The second part contains educational booklets covering superannuation, pensions and succession issues. Macquarie Bank has kindly provided these booklets and they retain all copyright. These booklets may only be downloaded for personal use by private clients (current or prospective). They may not be used for commercial use/exploitation or replication without the express written consent of Macquarie – such consent having been given to Winston Private.

    These booklets should not be relied upon for your personal tax planning, as you should always seek professional advice on any issue that you are not absolutely sure about by reference to law – statutes, regulations and cases. However, reading these booklets on screen (or printing them from the PDF) can save time, in that you may be able to gain a general appreciation of the issues, and be ready to discuss alternative courses of action in an informed way. The booklets were published in March 2008, are of a high quality, and they are written from the client’s perspective. However, they do not purport to be a complete or comprehensive commentary on all relevant or potential issues, and hence the need to always obtain professional advice before transacting or fixing strategies. Each booklet addresses a conceptual time phase in planning superannuation: (1) accumulation; (2) transition from work to retirement and other life changes; (3) pension; and (4) estate planning – thus:

    Getting the best out of your superannuation savings
    – on saving through super in accumulation phase, how much to save, contribution types and caps, investing, insuring and restrictions on access

    Getting the best out of your superannuation savings
    (pdf document 199kb)

    Superannuation: dealing with life’s changes
    – gaining access and preservation rules, disability, changing jobs, selling a business, divorce, bankruptcy, transitioning to retirement and death

    Superannuation: dealing with life’s changes
    (pdf document 232kb)

    Account-based pensions: making your super go further in retirement
    – explanation of the new account-based pensions mechanics and rules, investment strategy and cash pension payments, tax benefits, dieing with a positive balance, social security treatment of account-based pensions and an overview of alternative pension arrangements (eg, annuities)

    Account-based pensions: making your super go further in retirement
    (pdf document 442kb)

    Super and estate planning
    – treatment of super benefits on death, taxation of death benefits, different classes of beneficiary, topping up with life insurance, and the importance of integrating your super assets/benefits/nominations and your will (covering other, non-super, assets) – and keeping this all up-to-date

    Super and estate planning
    (pdf document 411kb)

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