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The directors harbour a fascination, albeit a pragmatic one, with investment and finance. To share our assessment of books in this discipline, we attach brief reviews of books that might be of interest to investors.

We have rated each book from 1 to 10, with non-readable at 1 and brilliant at 10. This assessment will be biased to favour the Australian reader who is looking for education and practical insights. Therefore, a work might be fine for a US investor (and have US residents as its target market), and yet be of dubious value to Australian residents. Equally, a book might rate highly from a sophisticated academic perspective and yet not be of particular use to the average reader who does not work in the finance industry. In both these cases, and others, a book might be rated below its true merit from an international or industry viewpoint and we stress this caveat.

The Portable Financial Analyst by M. Kritzman (25kb)
Modern Investment Management by B. Litterman
& the Quantitative Resources Group (48kb)
Asset Pricing by J.H. Cochrane (32kb)
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management by F. Reilly and K. Brown (28kb)


Lessons For Investors & Managers by L.A. Cunningham (54kb)
Timeless Principles For The New Economy by R.G. Hagstrom (50kb)

Common Sense on Mutual Funds New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor by J.C. Bogle (54kb)
The Unbeatable Market - Taking the Indexing Path to Financial Peace of Mind by R. Ross (54kb)

leading managers & stock-pickers
Money Makers by J. Davis (40kb)
Investment Titans - Investment Insights from the Minds That Move Wall Street by By J. Burton (30kb)
Investing Against the Tide By A. Bolton (136kb)

philosophy, macroeconomics and markets
A Random Walk Down Wall Street by B. Malkeil (28kb)
A Wall Street Memoir on Money & Markets by H. Kaufman (31kb)
Hedge Funds - The Courtesans of Capitalism by P. Temple (30kb)
The Pied Pipers of Wall Street - How Analysts Sell You Down the River by B.M.Cole (31kb)
Fooled By Randomness by N.N. Taleb (51kb)
When Genius Failed. The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management by R. Lowenstein (76kb)
The Four Pillars of Investing by W. Bernstein (29kb)
Irrational Exuberance by R.J.Shiller (43kb)
Origins of the Crash - The Great Bubble & Its Undoing by R. Lowenstein (55kb)
Investment Philosophies - Successful Strategies & the Investors Who Made Then Work by A. Damodaran (55kb)
The Great Crash 1929 by J.K. Galbraith (55kb)
Beyond Greed & Fear by H. Shefrin (55kb)
The (mis) Behaviour of Markets A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin & Reward by B.B.Mandelbrot & R. Hudson (55kb)
Neoclassical Finance by S.A. Ross(40kb)
How Markets Fail - The Logic of Economic Calamities By J. Cassidy (148kb)
The Return of Depression Economics And the Crisis of 2008 By P. Krugman (137kb)
This Time is Different by C. Reinhart & K. Rogoff (404kb)

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