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Winston Private is offering services that we believe are very difficult to deliver in a large institutional environment. International banks and stockbrokers come and go, new institutional business models are tried – but all with limited success in private client advising in Australia. We stand out from this scene, and to do so we focus upon individual client relationships.

Director responsibility
Thus, any portfolio adviser of Winston Private is a director of the company, and has a personal on-going responsibility for a client’s portfolio. That director attends to all the clients needs and will hold a thorough grasp of the client’s circumstances and concerns – just as a senior adviser would in a European private bank.

We use state-of-the-art web and communication technology, which allows us to deliver cost competitive services. Those clients who choose to use this sophisticated technology, will discover that a wealth of timely information is available to them – you can track and monitor our professional investment process.

Ownership of your assets
Under our two service options, we never take title to client’s assets (nor have any capacity to do so), and we will never transact for clients without their instructions. Thus, clients always retain beneficial ownership of their investments, and they have complete control.

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